Singapore — Unvaccinated “Hanging On by a Thread”

Singapore — Unvaccinated “Hanging On by a Thread”Sourceog zeusire4 hours ago Singapore is 85% vaccinated and they’re pushing for 3rd boosters to 30 years old and up right now. The remaining UV are just hanging by the thread. Today, they announced that UV are officially banned from malls and even outdoor eateries in a fewContinue reading “Singapore — Unvaccinated “Hanging On by a Thread””

Do Covid Vaccines Replace the Soul?

October 10, 2021 AI- The Plan to Invade Humanity “Cyrus Parsa claims that with the interface and operating system constructed inside the body by virtue of the “vaccine”, the soul is removed and a vacuum left, which facilitates an alien-demonic entity to be downloaded into the body, which it then controls.“ (Disclaimer – PabloContinue reading “Do Covid Vaccines Replace the Soul?”

MDs Denounce BC Health Officials as Frauds and Traitors

(Left, Globalist Traitors and Liars, Dr. Bonnie Henry, flanked by Premier John Hogan and Health Commissar Adrian Dix) “We continue to openly demand our government to stop the “vaccine” mandates and other restrictions being forced upon us, as has been done in other countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and many others.” Source HappyContinue reading “MDs Denounce BC Health Officials as Frauds and Traitors”

WEF is Front for Rothschild World Tyranny

October 11, 2021 “Antisemitism” is based on the “absurd” notion that the “Jews” want to control the world. Guess what?  The “anti semites” were right.  Klaus Schwab, the Head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is a Jew.   The WEF is a front for the Masonic Jewish Rothschild central banking cartel. This article byContinue reading “WEF is Front for Rothschild World Tyranny”

Was Spanish Flu Caused by Vaccines?

October 6, 2021 A pandemic is an efficient way to get rid of “useless eaters” without destroying property.  The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 infected 500 million people, 20% of the world’s population and killed over 60 million people. This is roughly three times as many people as were killed and maimed in World War One, and isContinue reading “Was Spanish Flu Caused by Vaccines?”

Mike Stone — Masses are Complicit in their Own Demise

September 29, 2021(MSM is a hot tub for conspiracy deniers)There’s no sense of urgency among Americans. No one seems to grasp what’s really going on.“The aim of the Alpha Lodge remains illiteracy rates in the western world of at least sixty-six percent by 2010 and the destruction of at least seventy percent of the globe’sContinue reading “Mike Stone — Masses are Complicit in their Own Demise”

Virologist “Banned from Campus” for Refusing Vax

(left. Bryam Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology at the Department of Pathobiology.) “I can show proof of immunity against SARS-CoV-2but you will not allow me to enter buildings…“With my life and that of my family, many friendsand treasured colleagues being destroyedunder your watch, I figure the least you can do is read and considerContinue reading “Virologist “Banned from Campus” for Refusing Vax”

Judy Mikovits — Vaccinated Billions are Pharma “Customers for Life” “We knew the spike protein, alone, the envelope protein, alone is the disease, so they can all backtrack because they just injected everyone in the world with a synthetic deadly virus. They injected the poison. The word ‘virus’ means ‘poison’ and they injected it into everybody in the world, so they can back offContinue reading “Judy Mikovits — Vaccinated Billions are Pharma “Customers for Life””