Headlines for March 8, 2022

March 7, 2022

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The symbol on the gowns uses the Masonic Compass & Square motif
Will the REAL Vladimir Putin Please Stand Up? 
Makow – History is replete with examples of Freemasons, nationalists who rebelled against their internationalist masters. Napoleon, Stalin and possibly Hitler come to mind. Putin realized that Satanism destroys its own. He is enough of a nationalist to say, “No Way, Rothschild!”
Extremely important statements by Putin
Video and Transcript

Information Clearing House — “Saker ” –As some of you know, Putin spoke at length with a group of Russian flight attendants.   In this exchange, Putin spells out in quite some details WHAT Russia is doing and WHY she is doing it. PS: please press “cc” to see the English language captions. Russia says it will relent if Ukraine concedes the Dombas and Crimea and accepts demilitarization and neutrality. I have a hunch Ukraine eventually will be forced to accept these pretty reasonable terms.


Truly sad that we are being frogmarched into war with an opponent whose statements are being ignored by our M$M.

Putin– “If Ukraine is a NATO member, then according to the North Atlantic Treaty, all other members must support the country in case of a military conflict. No one besides us has recognized Crimea as a Russian territory. The yare conducting military operations in Donbas but also could move onto Crimea, and in such case we would have to fight with the whole of NATO. What is that? Do you understand the consequences? I think everyone understands.

Now they (Ukraine) are talking about acquiring the nuclear status, i.e. developing nuclear weapons. We cannot possibly ignore such things, particularly considering that we know how the so-called West behaves with regard to Russia. First, Ukraine has some nuclear competence left from the Soviet time. As far as enrichment and nuclear material are concerned, they would be able to organize that work. They have missile abilities: suffice is to mention Yuzhmush. This company used to build intercontinental ballistic missile equipment for the Soviet Union. They could recover that ability and do it. And those from across the ocean would even help them do it. And after that would say: “Well, we do not recognize the nuclear status; they have done everything themselves”. And then they would put these complexes under control, and from that moment on, from that very second, the fate of Russia will be completely different. Because in that case, our strategic adversaries would not even need intercontinental ballistic missiles. They would keep us right here at the nuclear gunpoint, that is all. How could we disregard such a thing? These are absolutely real threats, not some far-fetched silly fantasy.”

Russian Defense Ministry: Everything necessary to continue the implementation of the US military biological program has already been removed from the territory of Ukraine


(View in Chrome for automatic translation)

Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano comes out solidly on Russia’s Side

Abp. Vigano: Globalists have fomented war in Ukraine to establish the tyranny of the New World Order
And Vigano called out the Jews as well!   “Ukrainian oligarchs wearing kippahs”

Harry Vox: The truth about the Ukraine war

Freemasons and police – the connection explored
—- Did Hitler ever attempt to wipe out the Rothschild dynasty or did their wealth protect them from the Nazis? by Clifford Shack


FNGUQz0VQAEbATB.jpg( Traditional Ukrainian Girl)

Ontario Introducing Digital Ids


Greg Hunter interviews Martin Armstrong who confirms that all these stages of disintegration are being done DELIBERATELY:



 Max Igan on how it is all being CENTRALLY CONTROLLED:

Dr. Naomi Wolf: “A Billion Dollars of Your Tax Money Went to Bribe All the Major News Outlets… To Me This Is a Mass Murder Event.”

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