Canadian Wal-Marts Install Vaccine Passport Scanner Booths to Screen Customers

Comment from Truth Searcher. People used to think Alex Jones was just a nut job conspiracy theorist. Most everything he has ever written has come true. Open your eyes before you have to bring war to these demon’s. Bring it on you globalist scum. I wonder how many employees will be willing to accompany a customer to get their essentials after a few of them are shot dead in their tracks. I am not threatening anyone, but this crap is about to get real. The newest employment position at Wal-Mart will be for janitors, “Cleanup in Isle 4.” Stay tuned for more globalist demon inspired stories about the coming “Mark of the Beast” and the fools who will willingly take it. Bring this to America and see what happens. Justin Trudeau is nothing but a globalist demon.

Photos from the entrance of a Walmart in Quebec, Canada show plexiglass vaccine passport scanner booths set up to screen customers entering the store.

According to Walmart, “The dividers are for associates when they scan vaccine passports.”

Welcome to the new normal.

Perhaps in the near future, the booths will be staffed by on-site nurses who will dole out regular injections for those who have forgotten to take their 24th booster shot.

It was initially suggested by some on Twitter that the booths were actually holding pens for the unvaccinated.

That’s not true, but it is true that big box stores like Walmart and Costco will now have employees accompany the unjabbed as they walk around the store.

That’s to comply with a new government decree with forbids the unvaccinated from purchasing any other items besides food and pharmaceutical drugs.

“For pharmacies located in big-box stores, such as Walmart or Costco, an unvaccinated person must be “accompanied at all times during his or her travels by an employee of the business, the pharmacy or any other person mandated by them for this purpose,” reports CBC, citing the decree. “This person may not purchase products other than those related to the pharmaceutical service they are receiving.”

This of course has little to do with stopping the spread of the virus – given the fact that there’s no evidence vaccine passports even work – and everything to do with punishing the unvaccinated for disobeying the regime.

As we previously highlighted, authorities announced a ban on the unvaccinated being able to purchase marijuana or hard liquor, another arbitrary punitive measure that makes zero sense whatsoever from a public health perspective.



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