Headlines for Jan 23, 2022

January 23, 2022
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(left, Fidelito’s Canada starting to resemble his father’s Cuba)
Food shortages begin in Canada following trucker covid vaccine mandate

12 Signs that food shortages are already here


Trucker freedom convoy GoFundMe raises over $1M

“It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mandates. It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t our country will no longer be the country we have come to love.”


The U.S. Government updated their Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database today, and there have now been 1,053,830 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following COVID-19 experimental vaccines since they were given emergency use authorization in December of 2020. By way of contrast, there have been 914,393 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following all FDA-approved vaccines since VAERS started in 1990, through the end of November, 2020, the last month before the COVID-19 vaccines were authorized for emergency use. There have been more deaths, more permanent disabilities, and more hospitalizations following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, than there have been following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 31 years COMBINED.


US Now Requires All Foreign Travellers to Be COVID-19 Vaccinated When Crossing Land Ports, Ferry Terminals
But COVID-19 testing won’t be required and illegal migrants are excepted—

Demonstration today in Washington DC



Cabalist Jewish Vaccine Roadkill Report

EG–“Here’s an update on my situation. I’ve posted some new symptoms that started mid-November. Brain zaps/shock and stabbing pain in eyes. They lasted until January 10. I thought I had MS. I passed a brain MRI Jan 4 and got the report January 14. Report says everything is normal. Report says Optic nerve seems good but would need a deeper look due to the images that were not detailed enough. I’m now waiting to see my neurologist so she can have a look at the images. So right now I still have a small headache and some small eye pain sometimes. And of course I still have muscle twitches wide spread. Still hope and praying that we all get better and nothing (MS or other) develops.”


 Mark Trozzi MD–Big thanks to our great team at Take Action Canada for this concise 8 minute video. Take Action Canada provides an extensive supply of resources to equip you for your part in the fight for truth, freedom, and human rights. This is a great video for newcomers, and with it we’ve included some more material useful for all.

white-house.jpg(An honest government doesn’t need to protect itself from the governed.)

Christine Massey Updates : Virus FOIAs, Midnight Threats, and Arrest

Russ Winter

CIA Drug Smuggling and Dealing: Birth of the Dark Alliance



“Absolutely Insane”: New California Bill Will Let Children 12 And Up Get COVID-19 Vaccine Without Parent’s Approval

The Political Pandemic
Countries across Europe are announcing that they are officially going to start abandoning extraordinary pandemic measures and begin treating COVID-19 like the flu. Meanwhile NY, CA, Canada and Australia circle the drain.


Starbucks Drops Vaccine Mandate: Will Other Companies Follow?


Adrienne-Pan.pngAdrienne Pan: 43-year-old CBC Edmonton radio host disappears from social media for months; dead after post-Moderna “serious illness”


I Am a Democrat. My Eyes Are Now Open.


Lukashenko: “The international scammers should finally end the pandemic”

19-Year U.S Airman Files EO Case Against Air Force Officials After Facing Discharge And Loss Of Retirement For Saying No To Biden’s Unconstitutional Vax Mandate


Zev Zelenko
It’s never been about health. COVID-19 is easy to treat. It was always about using fear and mass psychosis to get 7 billion people to willfully get injected with the technology that would permit them to participate in the new cryptocurrency-based system, the system that the world will use for finance,” he continued.



Alex-Newman-5.1.2021-pic.pngAlex Newman tells Critical Disclosure Radio that a Florida hospital is trying to murder his father.

“They’re trying to murder my dad in the hospital. They’re trying to put him on this remdesivir crap that’ll kill you, and they won’t let him have the treatments that he needs – the ivermectin and all that stuff – so we’re in the middle right now of coming up with a plan, we’re gonna bust him out of there.”


 Compulsory Covid jabs for NHS workers set to be put on hold after Tory revolt and warning from Royal College of GPs it will lead to chronic staff shortages – while healthcare workers dump their scrubs outside Downing Street.
More than 80,000 NHS staff refuse the jab which half the world is making mandatory.

Makowism — Covid has been aptly described as a “mass mental disorder.”  Doesn’t this also describe world wars? An imaginary enemy is created and people are convinced they are performing a public service by marching to their deaths.

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