Pfizer Documents Reveal A Whole SLEW Of Side Effects From The COVID Shot

Mac Slavo
December 13th, 2021

Documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine in the initial months of its rollout. And the FDA still went ahead and authorized the drug for use.

There should be no question that these shots are a part of some kind of larger agenda. It’s becoming more obvious by the day.

The documents were obtained by a group of doctors, professors, and journalists calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FDA for their release.

The first tranche of documents reveal that, as of February 2021, when Pfizer’s shot was being rolled out worldwide on an emergency basis, the drugmaker had compiled more than 42,000 case reports detailing nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to the jab. -RT


The FDA also says it may take until 2096 to release all 451,000 pages it used to approve Pfizer’s vaccine. That’s a really long time to wait for information on a drug most ruling classes seem content to force on their slaves.  With cases of the cold continuing to rise, the rulers keep saying the only way is to take these shots that have proven to be ineffective at stopping anything other than adverse reactions.

What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

With one South African study showing Pfizer’s vaccine up to 40 times less effective against Omicron than previous variants, the company says it could have an Omicron-specific vaccine on the market by March 2022. But you still need it! And a booster! And a fourth booster!

CDC Wants People To Get A FOURTH COVID Jab!

Not only that, big pharma companies are working on another jab specifically for the admittedly mild omicron scariant.

This agenda is plowing forward, so make sure you are prepared. The more people start to realize they are slaves and their masters are lying to them, the harder they will push to keep everyone in compliance. Be ready.

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