Re-Visiting Tiffany Dover’s High Profile Pfizer Vaccine Death: Her Former Hospital Employer Has Taken Their Twitter Feed Off PRIVATE

Truth Searcher Comment: It is truly sad our doctors, nurses, news anchors and politicians are just LIARS FROM HELL. The reason I will never take that jab is because there are so many liars trying to sell it so hard. I was in sales for twenty five years and I know if a sales person is trying this hard to sell you any product, RUN and Don’t look back. They do not have your best interest in mind.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 15:32

One of the first high profile public figures that we saw faint and come to and then disappear off the face of the planet was 30 year old Tennessee nurse and married mother of two young children Tiffany Dover. I followed her death from the Pfizer jab since it happened just before Christmas 2020 and I just like to keep her memory going by reminding everybody about her death. An interesting thing happened while putting this video together I discovered that the hospital where Tiffany worked in Tennessee has taking their Twitter account off ‘PRIVATE’ mode, so now you can comment on their Tweets. Shortly after Tiffany’s death the hospital froze their Twitter account due to getting hit hard by people wondering what happened to Tiffany, so obviously I have asked the Twitter feed if Tiffany is alive and back to work. R.I.P. Tiffany and I hope your husband can live with himself for being paid-off by Pfizer to stay silent.

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