The Propaganda Worsens. Here’s How They Are NOW Counting the “Un-Vax’d”

It seems in the hospital reporting of new COVID admissions they are counting you as unvax’d if you have not received the full string of shots.

So if you received one shot, and are supposed to get two, you are “unvax’d.”

If you have had two shots, but are due a booster, you are “unvax’d.”

This is how they are scamming the general public with the latest “outbreak.”

The actual fact is that over seventy-five percent (75%) of new hospital admissions for “COVID” are vaccinated people!   

It’s the vaccine making them sick as the mRNA in that vaccine tells their bodies to manufacture spike proteins, and those spike proteins make the person sick.

The general public is being intentionally lied-to by the medical community and politicians.

Here’s another example:

We are being told that certain hospitals are “being overwhelmed” yet even a casual drive-by of those hospitals show parking lots virutally empty.  Lobbies virtually empty.  No lines of sick or terrified people waiting, hoping, praying to get medical help.

Countless videos are already appearing on social media proving this.   Local news media comes out with blaring headlines that such and such a hospital is overwhelmed with COVID patients.   Local citizens take a drive over to see, and . . . . it’s all complete lies; there’s virtually no one even in the very hospitals mentioned in those blaring headlines!


Hospitals are reporting the Intensive Care Units are “almost full” or even that they have “no beds left.”

Turns out that the federal government pays $39,000 to a hospital if they put a COVID patient on a ventilator.  Ka-Ching goes the cash register.  

But in the past, so many people were being put on Ventilators, the feds changed the payment rule so that the hospitals would only get that $39,000 bonus if the Intensive care unit was more than fifty percent full.   Soooooooooo . . .

The hospitals pulled beds OUT of Intensive Care.   

With lower total beds, they were once again able to claim their ICU was “more than 50% full” and ka-ching went the cash register – again!

This entire COVID thing is hyped to cause fear and get cash money.  The facts about this disease outbreak are being intentionally distorted, intentionally mis-represented, and amount to FRAUD.

Now, even people who are vax’d are being described as un-vax’d to perpetuate this fraud.

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