CDC: Vaccinated Becoming “Super-Spreaders” – Infecting unvaccinated people!

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CDC: Vaccinated Becoming "Super-Spreaders" - Infecting unvaccinated people!

A disaster of staggering proportions is now unfolding with the COVID-19 situation; the CDC is telling VACCINATED people to wear masks because, it turns out, some are carrying high viral loads which can infect other people!

Despite being warned by multiple experts that commencing vaccine distribution in the middle of a pandemic could breed “variants”, the CDC and state health officials moved ahead with it anyway. 

Now, the 150 Million+ Americans who got “the jab” are becoming SUPER-SPREADERS of the deadly Delta and Lambda Variants . . . exactly what the experts warned about.  The vaccinated may be infecting other people.

This is a disaster of Biblical proportion unfolding.  Man-made super-spreaders of disease that would have run its natural course had it been left alone, but which is now mutating into deadlier strains and being spread by the very people the government told to get vaccinated.

Here in the New York City, New Jersey area, The governors of New York and New Jersey – and local leaders – have some decisions to make after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new recommendations Tuesday that vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in areas where the coronavirus is surging.

Parts of New York and New Jersey are among 63% of U.S. counties that are considered high risk areas, the CDC said.

The CDC guidance reflects new evidence that those who are vaccinated can spread the highly contagious delta variant to the unvaccinated.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

How anyone can continue to believe anything coming out of the CDC from now on, is a mystery.   

Their track record during this entire COVID affair has been a dismal repertoire of error, falsehoods, on-again/off-again guidance, and flat-out junk science. 

From this point no one should believe anything the CDC says and the entire CDC should be FIRED for Quackery.

It was the CDC that told everyone this virus was extremely deadly and we all needed to take extreme measures to deal with it.  That was false.

The disease has a 99.8% survival rate; not even qualifying as a “Pandemic.”

It was the CDC that told everyone to wear masks to prevent spreading the virus.   That was wrong, too.

The pores in even the finest N-95 and N-100 OSHA-approved masks only filter particles that are larger than four microns.  The virus in only .04 microns, a thousand times smaller than the pores on masks.  The virus gets right through!  That’s why Level 4 biolabs do NOT use masks when studying viruses, they use positive-air-pressure, fully-encapsulating suits.  Those suits are the ONLY thing that protect against virus spread.

So masks turned out to be useless in protecting from virus spread, but those same masks DID accumulate Bacteria and Fungus, which then made people sick.

Then the CDC told everyone to practice “social distancing” and keep at least 6 feet away from other people, to reduce viral spread.  That was another stupidity since testing shows the viral particles emitted by humans stay in the air and spread upwards of 30 meters in all directions and if the wind is blowing, those particles can stay in the air for 100 meters!  Social Distancing protected no one.

Then the CDC said that folks should take a new, experimental, messenger RNA “vaccine” which doesn’t even qualify as a vaccine under the legal definition.  A “vaccine” contains either live virus, attenuated virus, or Recombinant DNA.  These new “vaccines” don’t have any of that.; they have something called “messenger RNA (mRNA).”

This mRNA goes into a human body by injection and then ALTERS HUMAN DNA to “teach” our body how to fight the spike protein on this COVID virus.

The pharmaceutical companies that developed this mRNA did so in about two days, using a viral Genome supplied by China.  It was tested on animals for about 29 days.  Then, out it came to the public.

Now we find out the pharmaceutical companies never independently verified the Genome supplied by China.  So the mRNA they are giving everyone, COULD have unknowingly incorporated a China bio-weapon inside the very “vaccine” — and now a slew of Americans are sick, injured, dying, or dead already from it.

Vaccines traditionally undergo testing for ten to fifteen years before being licensed for public distribution.  All those standards went out the window for these new mRNA.

CDC Said the experimental genetic therapy which they were calling a “vaccine” was “safe and effective.”   We now see that was false; over 9,000 Americans have already DIED after getting the jab and over 500,000 Americans have been seriously injured, some permanently, after getting it.

Finally, we find out that the very “vaccine” they’ve been pushing on the public for months, is allowing the vaccinated to go around without symptoms, but at the same time be infected to the point they spread it to others.

The CDC has demonstrated a level of incompetence that qualifies as QUACKERY.  The “professionals” at the CDC should be run out of their medical or scientific fields and no one should listen to them anymore. They should all be fired starting with the guy who I personally believe to be the Chief Quack, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Now that these man-made super spreaders are out among us, God help us to survive the horror these people are unleashing.

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