HORROR: Aborted Baby Scalps Were Grafted Onto Backs of Lab Rats in NIAID-Funded Experiment

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Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh conducted NIAID-funded experiments where the scalps of aborted babies were grafted onto lab rats.

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last week, Center for Medical Progress Director David Daleiden discussed the horrific experiment, describing how researchers took the scalps of five-month-old aborted babies and stitched them onto the backs of lab rats – ostensibly in the name of science.

Dr Fauci’s NIAID purchased severed heads of aborted babies and grafted their scalps onto lab rats. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence pic.twitter.com/pXUXgKy7hQ— Joel Berry (@JoelWBerry) May 23, 2021

“At the University of Pittsburgh, they were doing a study where they were taking the scalps of five-month-old, aborted babies and they were grafting them onto lab rats and lab mice to see how much longer they could keep them growing for and you can actually see the photographs in the published study of little baby scalps grafted onto the backs of lab rats growing little baby hairs,” Daleiden said.

“Those would have been the little hairs growing on the heads of little infants in Pittsburgh if they hadn’t been killed by abortion and then stitched on to lab rats for experimentation.”

Daleiden went on to explain the research was funded by grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, headed by Covid-19 celebrity Anthony Fauci.

“This study was funded by a grant, by multiple grants from the N.I.A.I.D. office, which is run by Dr. Anthony Fauci, and when I was undercover, Planned Parenthood abortion providers told me that they were the ones who were supplying the aborted baby body parts for experiments at the University of Pittsburgh,” Daleiden divulged.

Even worse, Daleiden says the body parts may have been taken from babies that may have already been delivered.

“The fact that they were using scalps from five-month-old, aborted babies, that means that the heads of those children probably needed to be intact in order to get the scalps, which is an indication that those are either partial birth abortion or even infants delivered alive and whole.”

Daleiden says Fauci should be held to account and forced to answer for the grotesque taxpayer-funded research.

Photos of the shocking experiments were published on Nature.com under the research title, “Development of humanized mouse and rat models with full-thickness human skin and autologous immune cells.”

According to researchers, the experiment “could provide a means of studying the human immune response to infection in the human skin,” though the literature discussing “humanized mice” and how “full-thickness human fetal skin readily engrafts onto immunodeficient mice” is particularly unnerving.

During congressional testimony on the FY 2022 budget Tuesday, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) pressed Dr. Fauci to answer on how the scalp skin specimens were obtained from fetuses, to which Fauci replied the research had “gone through all the appropriate guidelines and oversight.” (44:46 mark in video below.) https://www.youtube.com/embed/K_IB8MjgkvQ?start=2685&feature=oembed

In another NIH-funded study conducted by Stanford University in 2018, researchers took the fingers of 18-week-old aborted fetuses and implanted them into five-day-old mice.

“Four weeks later, the researchers broke the fingers and left them inside the baby mice for two more weeks,” reports Campus Reform.

Last month, the Biden administration was asked why they lifted a Trump-era ban on research using aborted fetal tissue.

.@PressSec is asked about the ban being lifted on researchers using fetal tissue from elective abortions:

“It’s important to invest in science.” pic.twitter.com/zNczR2qEJL— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) April 27, 2021

“We believe that it’s important to invest in science and look for opportunities to cure diseases and that’s what I think this is hopeful to do,” press secretary Jen Psaki replied.

News of the unethical experiments comes as the Senate on Wednesday voted down a Republican amendment to a bill that would have prohibit experimentation involving the creation of “certain types of human-animal chimeras.”

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Congress Admits It Is Legal to Create Human/Animal Chimeras

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