Father and Son Hospitalized With Blood Clots After Taking The Vaccine! Another Dies After The Shot! – Must Video

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 10:44


video image

Compilation video of vaccine related problems and other interests around covid-19.

Instead of using ovens to kill you and without delay these brainwashed lemmings are lining up with a smile to end there lives. Now we literally have the walking dead among us.

My brother got a blood clot out of no where and at first I thought it was from wearing the mask. The hospital told me they could not figure out why he got it. He also now has some blood disease. He is now on blood thinners for the rest of his life. Something felt wrong and I asked him if he took the shot. He said yes and that he was trying to hide it and he is trying to claim that he took it after the blood clot. I think he is lying. I will get it out of him. Someone grabbed the phone from him when I was asking about this. I think some people convinced him to get it because we work for our family business and I told him not to take it. I also told him not to take it after the blood clot because he would be in more danger so I think he did take it and then got the blood clot. I think he is too ashamed to admit it yet. My other brother ended up in the hospital from a seizure from UTI medicine and his sugar levels were off the chart. I have never heard of a seizure after UTI medicine. Most of us have had used that medication at some time in our life. Another woman I know has some growth on her back now and needs surgery. The money flow continues.

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