New vaccine lottery: Get your COVID-19 shot, win a year of flights

Have you ever in your life seen something pushed so hard. I really wonder what the NWO is up to with this vaccine. United Airlines, you can keep your tickets and I will not take the jab.

United Airlines (UAL) on Monday announced a contest offering a full year of free flights, the latest corporate giant to join the White House’s national effort to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccination shot.

With governments around the world stepping up their mass vaccination campaigns — and citizens rapidly making up for lost time after more than a year of COVID-related restrictions — United is offering a sweet deal, especially with travel prices soaring.

Between Monday and June 22nd, passengers can upload their vaccination record to the airline’s mobile app or website to enter the “Your Shot to Fly” sweepstakes. United plans to give away 30 pairs of tickets throughout the month of June. 

Then, on July 1st, five randomly selected MileagePlus members who have entered the contest will be chosen to win the grand prize of free travel for a year for themselves and one other person, including any class of service and any location across the globe. 

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