MIT paper on mRNA injections and possible consequences, and interview with the doctor, Stephanie Seneff Ph.D who wrote it

Sunday, May 23, 2021 16:41


The paper can be downloaded from here.

Thank you Pauline for all the work you did on this. Oz-Rita tells us that the video is especially important after the one hour thirteen minute mark.

I am currently working my way through it. With focus, mRNA injections aside, its a heck of a lesson in biology.

Pauline also extracted a few pages from the MIT paper, posted below, that she felt was of special interest. But its probably best to read the whole paper.Discover All the Edible and Medicinal Plants in North America in Case of an EmergencyCHAT/CONTRIBUTE ON TELEGRAM –

There is a lot of science in this. The good news for the lay person, is it means you can send it to a medical or genetic savvy friend and check her basis for reasoning.


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